Joanna Pavelescu (31.05.’77) is a multidisciplinary dutch artist with Romanian origins. Her focus is both visuals and sound/music.  The love for image making and drawing started when she was a child. That childhood passion for portraying people came back in 2012 with a focus on digital works that stems from working mainly digital since 2002 in video editing, music and webdesign. In her digital drawings she is fascinated with bringing to light invisible emotions through floral dreamy portraits
of women, fragmented, translucent hills and lucid snippets of inner worlds.

Joanna has a background in film and started out with experimental 8mm and 16 mm film at the Free Acedemy in The Hague in 1998 (under the name ShootingFootage). After 5 years of experimenting with film & video her love for editing became clear and she started working in television as an freelance Avid editor. She has always been fascinated with sound / music and how it elevated and complemented the moving image.

When the opportunity to play with sound and composition arrived the switch from image to audio came very natural to her and things went from there.

Growing up in Rotterdam and mostly The Hague both places with an interesting and rich underground music scene, helped her develop a broad audio palette, with a preference for the experimental always.

She is a former member of the electronic music duo We’re Great At Everything Except This (wg@eet) with Olaf Wempe.

After almost 7 years of musical silence Stellaria Nemorum was born at the end of 2017.

Her compositions have a dark eerie feel to them and are accompanied by heavy intricate edgy punk beats, deep bass sounds and melodic soundscapes and/or industrial sounds creating electronic hypnotic journeys.



Free Academy The Hague
experimental film studies Frans Zwartjes
A/V specilization editing
Freelance AVID editor (television)
Founder of Rocket Clowns webdesign / sounddesign
art direction & design illustration
‘We’re great at everything except this’ known as wg@eet
electronic music duo with sonologist and composer Olaf Wempe
Founder at online Art gallery
Music teacher